Are you burdened by a disorganized home plus an untidy garden?

Judy will help you bring organization and a sense of peace to your disorganized home and over-grown garden. When you clear the clutter using the environmentally conscious methods that she recommends, you will feel lighter, healthier and more in control of your life.

To achieve these goals she offers:

▪ Assessment of home and garden needs
▪ Formation of an action plan
▪ Side-by-side compassionate coaching
▪ Practical on-site gardening maintenance instruction
▪ Organizational systems that are easy to implement and use
▪ Recommendations for using environmentally ‘green’ products for home and garden

Clients have said to Judy, “After this process I feel so much freer.“

Judy Eisenberg, Professional Organizer
‘Clutter Clearer Coach’

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