Photograph of hosta plantings in full foliage

Hosta plantings – Newton Highlands, MA

Garden in Spring – Concord, MA

Photograph of a garden with flowering plants

Cottage Garden in Summer – Somerville, MA

Photograph of cement planters with bare soil

Condo Association Planter – BEFORE – Somerville, MA

Photograph of planting beds full of an attractive arrangement of blooming plants

Condo Association Planter – AFTER – Somerville, MA

Photograph of brighly blooming mums in a tidy front garden

Fall plantings in Newton, MA (Waban)

Photograph of a plain-looking courtyard with some plants

Beacon Hill Courtyard – BEFORE

Photograph of a courtyard arranged with beautiful foliage and blooming plants

Beacon Hill Courtyard – AFTER

Patio – BEFORE – Somerville, MA

Patio – AFTER – Somerville, MA

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