Sun and Shade Gardening will match their services to your gardening style and needs. Garden care can be scheduled for just two times per year (spring and fall) for seasonal cleanups and pruning. Ongoing garden maintenance includes the two seasonal cleanups, plus maintenance on an every third week or once per month schedule, or weekly if needed.

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SPECIALTY SERVICES: Overgrown garden cleanups

Other Gardening Services include:

• Garden Coaching (side-by-side)
• Garden design and implementation
• Perennial and annual plant installation
• Seasonal clean-ups, ongoing pruning, weeding
• Organic soil amendments
• Annual and perennial container design
• Winter holiday decorations; indoors and outdoors

Consulting Services include:

• On-site garden consulting for home, business and public sites
• Consultation on ‘best-practice’ planting and pruning techniques
• Information on application of organic soil amendments
• Selecting the ‘right plant for the right place’ in the garden
• Suggestions for specialized and container gardens


When Judy meets with a client for an on-site consultation they take a tour of the property and discuss the garden’s needs. Judy will look at your plants and the growing conditions in your garden. She will talk with you about what is working, what isn’t, and possible solutions. Judy may offer advice that needs immediate attention in the garden such as garden cleanup, removal of invasive weeds, pruning, composting, mulching and organic pest control. She may offer recommendations on new or alternative NATIVE plants and their placement in the garden, or whether existing plants need to be moved, divided or replaced.

If the client has requested a design for their new garden, or garden expansion, Judy will develop a design plan based on the client’s needs, property use, style, and personality. She will present the client with the design; including plant recommendations and color photographs of the plants she has proposed. Judy is open to any changes in the plan or plant choices that the client might request.

She will design and install the entire design plan in a short span of time, or will do so over an extended period of time, depending on the client’s preferences and budget.

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