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Judy Eisenberg, resident of Somerville, MA, and owner of Sun and Shade Gardening, has been gardening professionally with a personal touch for more than twenty years. In addition to her garden design, installation and maintenance services, she provides garden consultations and side-by-side garden coaching. She uses sustainable practices and maintains gardens organically. Judy encourages her clients to grow native plants that provide pollen, nectar and habitat for wildlife; including song birds and beneficial insects.

She is a member of the Ecological Landscape Alliance, Grow Native MassachusettsMassachusetts Horticultural Society , and the Somerville Garden Club. As Co-Chair of the garden club’s Program Committee, she recruits professional green industry and horticultural specialists to give presentations at the Club’s monthly meetings. From 2000 to 2010 during the spring season, Judy worked part time as a Gardening Consultant at Pemberton Farms & Garden Center in Cambridge, MA.

Judy was also a Site Manager for the Somerville Community Growing Center, a center for both environmental education, cultural performances and a model for mixed urban land use and collaboration between city government and local non-profit agencies. While Site Manager, she also held the part time position of Assistant Manager for Willow Meadows Landscaping Company.

Judy is an experienced event planner, fundraiser, and community outreach coordinator.



Judy also manages a Professional Organizing business called the ‘Clutter Clearer Coach’.
As a Professional Organizer, she helps clients restore organization to areas of their home or business where clutter and disorganization has gotten out of hand. As an Organizing Coach, she will partner with you to plan actions to get organized and to create the life you desire.

Letting go of clutter and getting organized brings peace of mind, more control over one’s life, and easy access to things one needs.


Judy’s Organizational and Gardening businesses help her clients simplify and beautify the interiors and exteriors of their homes and properties.

Working indoors and outdoors with her clients, she helps them to realize the connection between a cluttered environment and a cluttered life. Judy leaves them with a serene home and a peaceful garden, and the strategies to maintain them both.

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