Creating an Ecological Garden

native violas and water source      

Native Violas and water source

If you would like to go Green or Greener in your garden, here are some things you can do to promote an eco-beneficial landscape:

  • Always plant the right plant in the right place. Such as; planting sun loving plants in sun, shade loving in shade, and plants that need wind protection along a fence or wall. If an area’s light exposure changes drastically due to overhead tree or shrub growth, move plants accordingly.
  • Provide a water source (small pond, bird bath, bowls of water) for wildlife and insects. During the times of year when mosquito’s breed, be sure to put a ‘mosquito dunk’ in those sources of water. Mosquito’s lay their eggs in water and ‘dunks’ kill these eggs within 24 hours. You can purchase dunks at garden centers, and also in hardware stores that sell garden supplies.
  • Plant plants that grow naturally (native) in a region for best ecosystem results. Native plants require less maintenance, and keep water clean by filtering contaminated runoff and preventing soil erosion. And, they attract native birds and wildlife.
  • Remove invasive plants in your yard by using organic or mechanical methods. As soon as these plants are removed, replace them with regionally native plants.

Let me know the green techniques you already use in your garden, or what you plan on doing. I’d love to know!

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